Villains: The Real Issues

Let’s talk about villains. I’m not talking about the Empire. I’m talking about Darth Vader. Because the Empire wasn’t the real bad guy in Star Wars. They were just window dressing for the real thing. Vader. A very bad man with a seed of good in him. A conflict we can all relate to. The… Read More »Villains: The Real Issues

Character Sneak Peak

The end of last week saw me pinned to the bed with a two-day migraine. To make up for my absence, here’s a character sneak peak for you. Liiræa’s watched the neighborhood crumble for reasons yet to be revealed. Grew up here, in fact, and quite loves the bookstore. She knows part of why it’s happening.… Read More »Character Sneak Peak

TechMinion Mondays: Map Mania

How many authors does it take to map a world?  Too many.  At least, that’s my humble opinion after scouring the internet for tips, tricks, decent sets of GIMP brushes that suit my aesthetic, and finding options that I could settle for, but that didn’t really suit what I needed.  (Alternately, this sentence may read:… Read More »TechMinion Mondays: Map Mania

Why Can’t I Marry A Human, Mom? Genetics in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Before we begin, I must thank a few people.  First, Sharon Hughson for her comment that I am, indeed, a writer who “likes to do the math.”  I love to do math, at least when it applies to vital pieces of my life.  From finances to science, I have an obsession with research.  I freely… Read More »Why Can’t I Marry A Human, Mom? Genetics in Fantasy and Science Fiction