inner demon

A faceless, hooded figure.

Defeating Your Inner Demons: Passage 2 – Defining the Demon

Defining your inner demons is both a personal and general process. Vices, weaknesses, mental illnesses, trauma… These and more are inner demons – personal struggles of the mind and/or heart. Demons of the mind are barriers to thinking clearly and logically. Demons of the heart are crises of conscience and troubles of an emotional nature.… Read More »Defeating Your Inner Demons: Passage 2 – Defining the Demon

The Princess In The Tower

You know the story of the Princess in the tower? Well, that story is complete bull. Yeah, I know, I sound harsh, but here’s the problem with every one of those stories. The prince always saves the day! It frustrates me. See, for the longest time I was that Princess. I built a tower in… Read More »The Princess In The Tower