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Walking the Borderline to Self-Mastery: The Beginning and the Role of the MVP

“She could do so much better if she would only apply herself.” That, in a sentence, is the story of my childhood. The issue was, I was applying myself. To all the things that wouldn’t serve me in the end. See, I applied myself to being all things to all people. All. The. Time. So… Read More »Walking the Borderline to Self-Mastery: The Beginning and the Role of the MVP

Why I Gave Up

I gave up yesterday. I consider it a good thing. For the last two years I’ve been in a case for disability benefits. I filed in Utah while still married. We moved to California and I continued the case, changing doctors to find one that might help my case. Looking for a lawyer after being… Read More »Why I Gave Up

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One More Day, One More Pill

I just swallowed three more pills. One mood stabilizer, one atypical anti-psychotic used as a sleep aid, and one anti-seizure medication also used for preventing chronic migraines. The last one I take morning and night. That one only started a month ago. A month before that, I added an anti-depressant to the mix. I also… Read More »One More Day, One More Pill

The Princess In The Tower

You know the story of the Princess in the tower? Well, that story is complete bull. Yeah, I know, I sound harsh, but here’s the problem with every one of those stories. The prince always saves the day! It frustrates me. See, for the longest time I was that Princess. I built a tower in… Read More »The Princess In The Tower

Lost Girl

WordPress is getting a new editor, and I’m getting a new outlook on life. I’m not sure the second is a good thing. See, somehow I need to dig out the person that is me from under layers of beliefs about how bad that person is. No fun, but I know the consequences if I… Read More »Lost Girl