The Power of Choice

One can change the course of history: our personal history, or the history of the world. Would you believe everyone has this power? Every single person in the world. So what is this miracle power? This power is choice. Do we truly comprehend the power of choice? Every change in the course of history has… Read More »The Power of Choice

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One More Day, One More Pill

I just swallowed three more pills. One mood stabilizer, one atypical anti-psychotic used as a sleep aid, and one anti-seizure medication also used for preventing chronic migraines. The last one I take morning and night. That one only started a month ago. A month before that, I added an anti-depressant to the mix. I also… Read More »One More Day, One More Pill

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What the Diagnosis?? The ADHD Masquerade and My New Reality

I don’t know how to write this post. Really, I don’t. I’m not truth-bomb mom, or some of the other viral personalities online you’ve actually heard of. I’m just a person sharing stuff online. I hope it reaches someone who needs it. The world of psychiatric diagnosis is fraught with peril, danger, setback, and occasionally… Read More »What the Diagnosis?? The ADHD Masquerade and My New Reality