Tools of the Trade

Welcome to the internal process, the mind, the tips, tricks, and tools that make the magic happen.

Villains: The Real Issues

Let’s talk about villains. I’m not talking about the Empire. I’m talking about Darth Vader. Because the Empire wasn’t the real bad guy in Star Wars. They were just window dressing for the real thing. Vader. A very bad man with a seed of good in him. A conflict we can all relate to. The… Read More »Villains: The Real Issues

Melodrama: Why Stereotypes and Tropes in Entertainment are Just Fine

Don’t be so melodramatic. We’ve all heard the admonition, either directed at us or by us at another person. The term is also generally considered pejorative when applied to modern performance styles. But why? What’s so wrong with melodrama? Really nothing. Victorian-style melodramas like the one I’m currently rehearsing for are big, loud . .… Read More »Melodrama: Why Stereotypes and Tropes in Entertainment are Just Fine

Aeon Timeline 2 Introduction

I’m fascinated by how much there is to learn about using computer programs. To that end, I’ve made it my side quest to show the wonders of a few programs and techniques I use to keep track of all the random stuff necessary to actually craft a world. Among them is Aeon Timeline, an amazing… Read More »Aeon Timeline 2 Introduction