Born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Raidon T. Phoenix spent her mortal childhood scorching stories into notebook margins. See, the gauntlet of life is a comedy of errors. The only way out is through the flames. For some the fire burns to ash, they never return. Fortunately for Raidon, she’s a Phoenix, the firebird of legend.

Every battle that sears her soul makes her fire burn brighter. True she takes occasional refuge in games like Dungeons and Dragons. All these do is serve to ignite the imagination. Seeds become elements become worlds. For Raidon, the craft of world-building comes as second nature.

So now for the pixies and fairies, the immortals of the world, Raidon writes her fantasy. She writes for the modern adventurer, mere mortals need not apply. Be warned, true love’s kiss does not always win the maid, and the dragon is not always the enemy he first seems. The sword, the musket, the rifle, and the laser must be applied in equal measure with the spell or surely the quest will fall. So feel free to turn the page, but reader beware, the world is not as it seems.

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