The Secret That’s Not

The secret that’s not a secret is not okay. What is this secret that’s not? The one hiding in plain sight. The one all the people around you can see, but you refuse to. You know, that festering sense of nothing inside? Wondering what tomorrow will bring, and if it’s more of the same drama as today?

Maybe, just maybe, your inner demons are trying to tell you something. Maybe it’s time to listen.

Listening will hurt. Your demons didn’t just randomly appear. They came because life happened. Trauma happened. Trauma interacted with your strengths and weaknesses to create the persona you wear like a comfortable, thorny mask.

I see you wondering where all this came from. What brings me to speak of listening to those demons most of us spend our lives trying to bury alive? The fact that I’ve been doing it. About two years ago, I walked into my current therapist’s office and told her, “I don’t want to be doing the same things in five years that I’ve been doing for the last two decades.”

I’ll say this. I had no idea what I was talking about. My therapist has taken me through a hell I never wanted to walk again. Dragged up emotional memories of old wounds, some younger, some decades past.

Mostly what she brought up is the secret that’s not a secret, and for that I’m grateful. She had me face my inner demons, and so far, I’m coming out stronger for it. I encourage you all to look at your lives. If there is a secret that’s not, find it. Overcome it.

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