The Power of Choice

One can change the course of history: our personal history, or the history of the world. Would you believe everyone has this power? Every single person in the world. So what is this miracle power?

This power is choice.

Do we truly comprehend the power of choice? Every change in the course of history has been made by choice. Perhaps many, perhaps one. We need to stop worrying about what would happen if we go back in time and worry about how we can change time.

Do we understand our own potential within the realm of this superpower of many names?




The concept is nothing less than total control over our internal direction. It’s true we cannot choose the consequences of those choices. This does not mean we cannot predict some of those consequences before we choose.

Every action, no matter how trivial, has a ripple effect in the course of history. We cannot change the flow of time, but we can change the course of history.

Most often the course correction is in our personal history. We make one choice and we follow the path of that choice, or we make a different choice and we follow the path of that choice.

Whichever path we choose, we have to make more choices along the way. Sometimes the choice is to circle back to the decision that led us there.

When we circle back, often this is driven by the inner demons I’ve started to write about. Our demons, our struggles, our weaknesses cause us to constantly overthink and rethink our path.

And so, they cause us to circle back to the choice we made with them in mind. A never-ending cycle of infinite misery.

The power of choice is that we can end the cycle. We can choose another path. It’s hard; it’s a struggle; it’s worth every single night crying yourself to sleep.

Choosing another path is worth it because eventually, those nights become less and less. And more and more you find peace, happiness, and joy. And isn’t that what life is about?

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  1. You are very insightful. I needed this right now. Especially the part about how our demons have us rethinking our past choices, driving ourselves crazy. I’m taking action– making a choice–to make course corrections in my own life. Thank you and God bless you on your own path.

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