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Defeating Your Inner Demons: Passage 3 – Origins

Where do inner demons originate? Allow me a radical statement. Doesn’t matter.

Calm down. You’re asking yourself the same question I did. If I don’t know where my demons come from, how will I ever defeat them?

Let me share my answer. Learn enough about their origins to learn why they have power the power they do. Some questions to ask:

  1. When did this demon first seem to appear? How old was I?
  2. How does this demon affect my emotions? My actions?
  3. Where am I in being able to face this demon?

Let’s walk through one of my personal demons. I don’t deserve success. So, question one, when did this demon first appear?

Early childhood. I’m not certain how early, but that belief has been a driving force in many of my choices as a younger person.

Moving on to question two, this feeling led to considerable depression and anxiety over completing projects and other goals. Those feelings caused self-sabotage and procrastination.

For question three, this answer changes as I grow and learn. As I first started the journey into myself, none of my successes were acceptable.

I continued to procrastinate projects and sabotage goals.

Now, I can recognize when the overthinking attacks and often bring that to a halt. I’ll take a momentary step away from the project, and then I’ll come back without giving up.

It took immense introspection and self-examination to reach this point. My progress was worth every difficult therapy session, every night spent crying over my issues.

Now I want to share with you, my readers, the journey through struggle to strength. So join me again next time for Defeating Your Inner Demons: Passage 4.

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