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Defeating Your Inner Demons: Passage 2 – Defining the Demon

Defining your inner demons is both a personal and general process. Vices, weaknesses, mental illnesses, trauma… These and more are inner demons – personal struggles of the mind and/or heart. Demons of the mind are barriers to thinking clearly and logically. Demons of the heart are crises of conscience and troubles of an emotional nature. Most are a combination of the two, affecting the mind and heart simultaneously.

In my own life, I cross swords with a few specific major demons. A mood disorder, a personality disorder, and trauma responses. At times, the three feed into each other in a runaway train of chaos. I’m here to show you how I’m learning to find the engine room and bring the chaos in check without flying off the rails. Here are some tips to start with:

  • Define your own demons. Can you recognize them when they come calling? Are they trauma-based? Did you create them yourself? (I certainly created some of my own.) I’ll cover such questions and more in-depth in the next several posts.
  • Meet the demon on its own level. This means understanding where you’re at in the growth process and accepting your stage of progress. This is one of the harder steps to do, and I will dedicate significant time to doing so as we go on.
  • Learn to engage in productive conversations with your demons. Don’t let them run your life. Meet them head-on and reduce their power over you.

So what are your thoughts on inner demons? How did you come to recognize any of yours? If you’re willing, describe the process. Drop a comment answering any or all these questions. I’m excited to read your responses and have a conversation.

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