Your Life Is Not An Adventure

I’ve got my Bengal Spice morning tea beside me, breakfast in the microwave, and a serious bone to pick with the idea of life as adventure. So let’s dive into some #realtalk about life while I politely disagree with Helen Keller who said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

Every day life is no adventure. An adventure is something unusual. There’s nothing unusual about the day-to-day journey of living. Everyone has a grind. Everyone has bad days. Everyone has boring, same-old same-old days. That’s not adventure. That’s reality.

Thing is, reality doesn’t have to suck just because it’s similar day to day. Life can be good most days, even within the grind. And yes, life can even include adventure, minor or grand. Just don’t make the mistake of expecting adventure every day.

2 thoughts on “Your Life Is Not An Adventure”

  1. Tamara T. Jessup

    Bengal Spice tea, breakfast beverage of champions! LOL

    I hear you.

    Our lives are as full of wonder as we allow ourselves to see them, though, IMHO. I think there’s a kind of magic even in the mundane.

    Message me re: workbook, and thanks for posting this.

  2. NebulaSkittles

    Every day is not the adventure it’s the new experiences that make life an adventure. Love your posts.

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