The Princess In The Tower

You know the story of the Princess in the tower? Well, that story is complete bull. Yeah, I know, I sound harsh, but here’s the problem with every one of those stories. The prince always saves the day!

It frustrates me.

See, for the longest time I was that Princess. I built a tower in my brain that was supposed to protect me from the world. I was supposed to be rescued from the tower. Problem is, real-life princes don’t rescue people.

They respect people.

They help people.

They have no power to rescue people from themselves. When your tower is self-made, no one is capable of rescuing you. Not even an imaginary prince. You have to take your own keys, open your own self-made doors, and walk outside by yourself into the storm.

That’s terrifying. Especially without a lifeboat; or life vest; or safety net of any kind. I’m still trying to find my life vest, my safety net. I’m still remembering where the keys to the doors in my tower are. I hope one day I can step outside the tower whole and ready to take on the world, but today is not yet that day. All I can do today is find one more key, one more door; I hope my hands don’t shake too much when I try and unlock it.

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