An Open Letter to My Keto Diet Friends

To all the keto diet folks out there, I’d like to apologize. I judged too soon and too harshly. I called you extreme. I assumed you knew nothing about the human body. This isn’t the first time I’ve been wrong.

It looks like I’ll be joining you, at least in some form of low-carb diet. I know, shocking. I’m thin. More than a few people tell me I’m pretty. I’ve got French blood in my veins, so what could possibly be wrong with a burger on “real bread”, right?

Well, if you like raging headaches and misery, nothing. That’s what cereal grains — wheat, rice, corn, rye, barley, etc. — do to my system. Just a week ago, my psychiatrist informed me after noting my growing beard that I’ll need a low-carb diet if I want to prevent the dreaded diabetes.

Definite want to avoid territory.

So this is my open request to anyone I know who does keto or low carb. I’m sorry. Please help? Thanks.

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