The Chameleon Called Borderline Personality Disorder

Perhaps one of the stranger things I recall saying to a friend is a concept that struck last Saturday while we went shopping. I can remember things now. I don’t have to pass as ADHD.

It came as a natural extension to our conversation, but it speaks to something deeper in my experience of misdiagnosis. The chameleon nature of having borderline personality disorder is easy to miss, especially if we’re good at it. Which most of us are.

For me, I chose to try and conform myself to the litany of symptoms that comprised my main disorder diagnosis until my life fell apart at the seams. Yeah, not a great plan.

I don’t know what improvements the next few years will bring, but I hope to start stitching the shreds into something beautiful.

2 thoughts on “The Chameleon Called Borderline Personality Disorder”

  1. Isn’t it funny how sometimes create our own personal tragedies based on assumptions we have? Like we are our own tropes camouflaged in our “implicit bias’. 😉

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