Gnomes and Experiments

“Now you’ve done it.” Tomas’s voice shrieks through my eardrums like a fire-blade. The worry-widge Human is right, though. I have, indeed, done it. Professor Kalmar will likely suspend us both pending a behavioral review.

“Never mind that. It worked!” Victory sends me bouncing around the rim of this massive bowl filled with white fire. Even on my highest jump, I barely reach Tomas’s chest. He drops a heavy hand onto my head to stop my glory dance.

“Next time, I’ll listen when Gear tells me not to partner with a Gnome for an Experimental trimester. I’m calling the Outrunners.”

“Aww, you’re no fun, Tomtom.” I shove his hand away. “We made Aether Fire, and that doesn’t excite you at all?”

“Not when it comes with the idea of lock-up time or suspension.” I try to grab the phone, but his arms are just too long. He makes the call, and now we wait for the authorities.

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