Rose Thorns & Realizations

So simple to get caught in the net of bad stuff. Oh, no, some horrible thing on the news! Our political framework is collapsing around us! Tyrants and terrorists everywhere!

Quick question. How tired are you at the end of the day? Ever wonder if maybe it’s because we spend so much time focused on the “negative other” that we forget to see and understand the positive around us?

I know that was me for a while, both in this blog and on other social media platforms.

It doesn’t help.

So I’ve decided. I’m here to help. I will continue to share the challenges I face. I’ll continue the mind-bending (according to a few friends) blog posts on Mondays.

I will do so with the intent to help others through my experience. I’ll mention the bad as a way to highlight the good. I know there are those who assure you that life isn’t all sunshine and roses.

I disagree. Try walking through a rose-bush sometime. 😉 You’ll be pretty torn up with the thorns, but you’ll also smell like roses.

In the end, I won’t be perfect at this. However, I will do my best.

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