My Life Has Exploded. Error 404. Please Stand By

Alright, I’ve been radio silent too long. I know this. I’ve stared at the blank white box that is this typing place for a while. Thing is, we moved to California last Saturday. Right now, it’s about a two mile hike to a library, so I’m currently on the hunt for Wi-Fi spots closer to home.

In the meantime, I’m shaking a few things up.

Instead of writing frantically every day trying to get one post to you, I WILL of necessity be scheduling my blog posts, possibly up to a week in advance, because I do want to keep communication going. I know you invisible readers are out there, somewhere.\

I still haven’t figured out why you all digitally stare at me and don’t talk back. 😛

(Hint: That’s what the Comments are for.)

Also, I’ve finally figured out something of a schedule to Categories. If you don’t like heavy, political, make you think stuff, skip Monday. Just skip it. That’s where most of my think-pieces will go. Questioning Narratives and what not.

Tuesday will revolve around Success, somehow.

Wednesday is all about how and why I do what I do. Craft. Mostly World-Building and Character Building.

Thursday will cover Mental & Physical Health things I learn as I get back on top of my health.

Friday, we’ll go a little more into the Physical side of physical health, with exercise tips, recipes, etc.

And Saturday, of course, will remain comic goodness for all! (Remember, we’re on Patreon for that!)

So, until I get the next one out, Live long and Prosper, friends.

4 thoughts on “My Life Has Exploded. Error 404. Please Stand By”

    1. RaidonTPhoenix

      Brand pro-tip: Panic less about politics. Stop entertaining victim status. Also, Calexit won’t happen just like Texexit didn’t happen. 😛

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