Yet Another Label? Why I Don’t See Myself as a Minimalist (Even If I Could Be One)

So, hey, guys, how are you?

I found a new brain shiny on the internet called Minimalism. The most amusing part to this shiny, for me, is that I’ve been practicing bits of it for a good portion of my adult life, especially since I moved cross country in a Toyota, and haven’t really stopped since.

The Shiny Called Minimalism

We all like stuff, right? Well, most of us like stuff. At least some stuff. I like my books. I love my computer, because it is my writing medium, and dishes are a truly wonderful thing to have. You know, because eating food is good.

Minimalism seems to be this …I dunno, movement, that started in the arts, and expanded to these two guys who wrote a book about it and now they have a website talking all about a lifestyle. They do a very good job at explaining their idea of the thing. I have my own idea, built around my life experiences, and I never once tried to name it anything other than pragmatism.

Their idea of the thing: Freedom through lack of stuff, specifically not assigning unnecessary meaning to material possessions (like your house, car, etc.) In other words, stop trying to “Keep up with the Jones’s.”

My idea of the thing: Stuff is transient anyway, so why get attached in the first place, unless it adds value to your life? You know, like that book that completely turned around the course of your existence, or the fragile glass keepsake from Great Aunt Eugene who handed it down three generations to you? Keep that if you find value in it.

Yet Another Label


Everything’s got a label nowadays. Every lifestyle, every mindset. Sometimes, putting a name to a thing serves a great purpose. I have several mental health issues, as well as chronic migraine. Having a name for these things allows me the freedom to stop wondering, “What the Hades is wrong with you? Suck it up, buttercup,” and actually take steps to improve my situation.

You know, like not eating that one thing that I’m POSITIVE will give me a splitting headache, nausea, and vertigo for two days, even though it tastes de-LISH?

Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, so I don’t really need another label. I don’t need a term other than pragmatic (which is more of a trait than a label, I think) to describe why I don’t collect storage rooms of stuff. I’m also too busy paying student loans, but we all have those, right?

Also, there’s the fact that a lot of the people who come into this whole minimalism movement after collecting ALL the things! And its poster boys are kind of the epitome of people I don’t relate to.

Enter Rational Minimalism

And this is why I love my friends. I’ve mentioned Maria Grace before. This time, we were chatting, minimalism came up, and she threw out the phrase Rational Minimalism. I was like, what be that?

Basically, it’s the idea of being pragmatic with all the stuffs.

Have six laptops, and use one? Get rid of the other five.

Have a four-set of all dish types but entertain a lot? Get more dishes.

You know, look at your things and figure out where the value you is?

No value? No problem! Donate it.

So yeah, those are my tangent ramblings on minimalism. What tangents does your brain go down? What other stuff would you like to see me tangent about? Leave it in the comments, or drop me a line on the Facebook.

And don’t forget, next Saturday is the beginning of a whole new chapter. Our webcomic!

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