Time to Pull a Phoenix: Burnout and Recovery

Good morning, everybody.  Fair warning, today’s gonna ramble a bit.  Last weekend, I crashed and burned.  Hard.  Couldn’t get out of bed, sleeping ten hours at a stretch, and yet, I feel better.  Not completely.  Now I’m combating an infection thanks to my over-zealous enjoyment of Olive Garden two Saturdays ago, but I’m armed with antibiotics and clean sheets on the bed, so it’ll be good.  Here’s the thing.  I enjoy being stressed out.  Which sounds really weird, but it’s true.  And it’s terrible for my health.

See, I’m not invincible.

No one is, really.

We’ve all got a breaking point.  I guess mine was years ago.  I just got so stuck in survival mode that I didn’t realize it until my body said shut up, lie down, and recover.  Now.

See, I got really, really comfortable looking like this, mentally and spiritually.

It’s not that heavy, I swear!

Except yeah, it is that heavy, and more, and most of those rocks weren’t mine.  They belonged to people I care about, or worse, strangers on the internet.  So this week, I’ll be putting myself back together.  Expect a lot of funny YouTube videos, probably of kittens being amusing, contact juggling, and poi.  And remember, the world is not your responsibility.  You are your responsibility.  And if you collapse, you can’t help other people.

Just remember, we’ve all got a little Phoenix in us.  Maybe we implode, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be reborn from the ashes of a nasty burnout.  Just don’t stress about it.

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