Lost Words: Paranymph

So, I have this fascination for unusual words, and my Dictionary.com app showed me a rather interesting one this morning.  I also have a fascination for finding words that have a gender neutral context in a typically gendered setting.  I had no idea a gender-neutral term for bridesmaid or groomsman existed, but here it is.  Check out a few links for various definitions.  And feel free to use it in a sentence in the comments!



Oxford English

Funnily enough, none of these seem to agree on exact definition, but oh well.

2 thoughts on “Lost Words: Paranymph”

  1. Thanks so much for including me in this. Please note that I submitted my email before noticing that I hit two keys at the same time. 8 – (

    1. RaidonTPhoenix

      You’re welcome. The Facebook tag seemed easier than composing a full email, given I had a long night last night, but I did remember.

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