The Law of Attraction: Draw, Hype, and Reality

Show of hands, how many of you have heard of the Law of Attraction?  Everyone?  Now I see a lot of you rolling your eyes.  I get it.  I do.  You think I’m about to say you can have, do, and be anything you want, just by virtue of wanting it because reasons.

Instant Redirect!

Here’s the thing.  No one ever made anything happen just because they wanted it to.  I can want my Pepsi to rise up via the Force and pour itself into my caffeine-parched lips without any effort on my part, and it won’t happen.  It’s a point JP Sears actually addresses wonderfully in this video, which I ran into while trolling YouTube in the apparently not-so-vain hope of finding a blog topic this morning.


Now, if you don’t want to spend six minutes watching the video this instant, fine, don’t (although I’m watching you, so you’d better do it later.)  There are two main points he brings up.  Just believing the Law of Attraction works is not enough, nor is the Law itself enough.  And do you really want your ego in charge?  Because both points are excellent points.

In the movie (as well as the book of the same title) The Secret, the Law of Attraction is presented as the method by which absolutely everything in our lives comes to us.  Failure, success, money.  Mentally, it looks a little like this, in my mind.

Show me the money!

Here’s the reality of it.  The Law of Attraction as portrayed in the movie and the book both titled The Secret are merely a candy-coated incarnation of a much older, and consistently applied concept, illustrated in a quote found at roughly the 11:25 mark of the video inserted below, which holds a recording my brother introduced me to long before Oprah adopted The Secret.

It’s know as The Strangest Secret, originally recorded by Earl Nightingale for a small group of salesmen, Colombia Records recorded and distributed it in 1956.  It sold over 1 million copies, and became the first spoken word record to receive a Gold Album.  The quote I’m referring to is this.  Man becomes what he thinks about.

Just before he drops this quote, Nightingale refers to it as both the key to success and the key to failure.  Unlike the Secret, however, he doesn’t begin to say it is absolutely responsible for EVERYTHING in your life, simply the major trajectory of your life.  In fact, at one point, he compares success to baking apple pie.  If whoever is making dinner that night never decides to have apple pie with dinner, then they won’t think about getting a recipe for apple pie, nor will they make an apple pie.

The Law of Attraction, the Secret of Success, whatever you want to call it, is essentially this concept.  It is the idea that we must learn a genuine sense of gratitude for what we already have, and then begin to build on those dreams in our lives that represent what Nightingale describes as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”  That is the reality.  Take off the mask of a shiny little key to the lock of success and realize what looked like a key is actually a wrench to help you build the success you want.

Check out both videos, and let me know what your thoughts on success are.  What patterns and strategies have brought you closest to your goals and dreams?

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