Why Not to Wear Only a Bathrobe in Public

Imagine for a moment that terrible dream in which you’ve gone to work or school or a party, and all you have on is your bathrobe.  Actually, a bathrobe is all anyone in this dream is wearing.  Think Arthur Dent minus pajamas or knickers or slippers.  Everyone has a different preference.  Every color, every level of fluffy to silky, long to just barely covering anything.  Perhaps for you, it’s a very pleasant experience.  For me, it’s awkward, this dream.  Yet it’s also a waking dream, especially prominent last week on Youtube.


Ah, Youtube.  The site we go to drown our sorrows and our time with everything from cute cat videos random political nonsense.  The link-rabbit hole.  I followed it one day last week, and found a video covering a topic rather close to my realm of experience, so, naturally, I clicked.  Then I commented.  Another commenter took interest in my words and replied.  Thus we found ourselves in a fascinating debate concerning the main topic of the video.


In the course of this debate, I realized that the video was, in fact, the Youtuber’s bathrobe, figuratively speaking of course.  The video’s format and presentation seemed well done enough for this creator’s purposes, yet when the wind started flying, there were no knickers under the bathrobe.  Everything came out.


I read several comments by this creator, singling out my debate partner, and ignoring anything I might say that caused disagreement, simply because I was exempt from retribution, I imagine by some accident of birth that aligned with the creator’s internal biases.  I watched as the supposed intent of the video blew away with the winds of a strong, critical debate, and I marveled at it.


In time, I’d seen enough, and decided to remove myself from the party full of bathrobes and windstorms.  Better to take the debate elsewhere or not at all than allow the Youtuber to continue dancing nude, right?  So I did.  Still, I learned a valuable lesson.


No matter how tempting it might be to wear only a bathrobe online, I would never do so IRL out in public.  Therefore, I shall always remember to get dressed before presenting myself online, and refrain from unreasoned outbursts and the equivalent of flashing myself around in a bathrobe when, frankly, my ideal internet is not a nudist beach.


What do all of you think?  Ever found yourself flaunting the digital bathrobe?  Leave a comment below, as I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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