Vault of Excellence

Vault of Excellence

Networking.  It’s the bane of my existence, and in the last few months, has led to some of the best conversations in my life.  Now, I could hide these people away in my closet so that they can only ever work for me, but that wouldn’t really be fair to you, the lovely people of the internet, would it?  So, instead, I’ll keep them in this vault, which will still let you all have the chance to meet them, learn why they’re amazing, and if you happen to need their services, hire them.  The living nature of this Vault makes it a mixed bag of artists, writers, and collaborators and contributors of all types and stripes.  Have fun!

Fountain Pen


Kristen Lamb

Kristen Lamb


 Finding a tribe is tough.  Finding a mentor in a field like writing is even tougher.  Having one message you out of the blue because you read her book and took her advice, and snap you up as a personal assistant?  Priceless.  Meet my boss, social media Viking Kristen Lamb, author of Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital Age.  I bought her book in January, finally caving to the knowledge that every author in today’s world needs an online presence, and implemented the understanding I reached from reading that book.  Two months later, at 5:30 am, she messaged me on Facebook, and we’ve been working together since.  It’s been a blast, and will continue to be so.  If you’re a writer looking for help with branding, editing, or marketing, get in touch with us directly at WANA International for information.  Or, if you’re like me, and just want to hang out with other creatives, stop in at WANA Tribe and troll us.



Lana Strathearn



Shay Nemrow

Shay Nemrow



Until I commissioned Shay, I never understood just how much power a character portrait could hold.  Yet Shay’s skilled hands and imagination captured perfectly not just the concept but the life behind one of my favorite character creations.  Shay has a command of tone and expression in artistic style that pairs well with the non-digital mediums they favor, as well as the concept art they love.  If you’ve got a character you’re dying to see brought to life, Shay’s your artist.

Collaboration Hands