Dueling Mannequins

You know that scene where Cass nearly got shanked? Well, thank Max and Miri, the two delightful mannequins pictured above. These are basically Shay’s assistants, models, and all-around handy people.

I’m not quite sure where this post is going, so have another picture. I am getting my act together, I swear.

Character Sneak Peak

The end of last week saw me pinned to the bed with a two-day migraine. To make up for my absence, here’s a character sneak peak for you. Liiræa’s watched the neighborhood crumble for reasons yet to be revealed. Grew up here, in fact, and quite loves the bookstore. She knows part of why it’s happening. She can feel it.

It’s not just her, either. A lot of folks in the neighborhood can feel the encroachment of troubled Arcanum. Most of them don’t know what it is. The question is: does she?

Shay and I figured this would be a good way to pass the time. It’s also giving us some new insight into things. It’s pretty cool.

Concept Art: Just What IS Ace?

Ace is Drakern, descended of the Old Dragons of Vermillion. Just Dragons. Not a drop of Godschild–or humanoid– blood in his veins. Getting his design right was quite the adventure, too.

See, I had this idea in my head. The one you see above, from Dragon Hoard Books 9. I knew all the biology, the ins and outs of the wings, the tail, the legs, the whole form.

Yes, I’m nerdy, and I confess a certain inspiration from Disney’s Gargoyles as a kid, but I digress.

Back in September 2016, when Shay and I first started talking about this mad idea of a comic, I tried hard to put it into words, and the first result came out looking like the alien from Enemy Mine.

Ace is displeased with the first sketch. 😛

That’s the incredible thing about collaboration. Once two minds really start to mesh and blend, art reaches a depth of possibility that just isn’t there with one mind alone.

As you can see with the evolution of Ace’s character design below.

I just realized how odd Ace’s legs look in this pic.


Well, that’s all we’ve got for you this Saturday! Next week, we’ll show you Cass with short, curly hair! I won’t lie, they look pretty odd. 😛

I’ve got a bit on the Origin of Drakern scheduled on Monday’s Patron feed. Feel free to check it out next week!

Dragon Hoard Books: A Friendly Warning

Wow it’s been a rough two weeks. I – Raidon – have finally found a nice little cafe that sells my favorite carbonated juice, and Shay did not die in the first two (or was it three?) weeks as a fast-food slave.

It’s about time we checked in with the bookstore. Here it is, only a week late. Go give Shay some love for finishing this just a week late. In the meantime, keeping consistent with the content will get easier with time. Also, remember, if you want to see comics a day early, check us out on Patreon. Meanwhile, Shay is stubbornly insisting the project move forward, despite hand cramps of doom.

And of course, behind the scenes, I’m working to get this comic into a cohesive script form. If you like getting updates on that part, feel free to keep up with my Author Page, or just send me a friend request on Facebook. If we’ve got no mutual acquaintances, don’t forget to include a message.

If all goes well, we’ll have a comic next week, too. 😛


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Dragon Hoard Books: Taking Out The Trash

Props, Cass. We’ll see how long you last.

In other news, I’m typing this on my phone, so Raidon out.


Want to help us out with production and become part of the Hoard? Check out our Patreon page and become a contributor!



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Dragon Hoard Books: Clash of Blades…Almost

I wouldn’t stick around for this job. That’s just me, though.

Shay’s done an EXCELLENT job with the illustrations, and they just keep getting better.

Cass, well done not getting TOO cut up. Though I’m not convinced this thief is that skilled.

If you enjoy what you’re seeing, we’d love it if you’d support us on Patreon. Spare change helps, and you get virtual hugs!


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Dragon Hoard Books: Not Your Average Work Day

There are a couple of things you need to know about this issue: Firstly, this issue was drawn with a different art program, and one that I’ve only just begun to use, so this one may be slightly better quality, but as things go forward it’ll most likely get better! Secondly, if you thought that the workday couldn’t get any more boring, you’re about to wish it would be.

Raidon here. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m LOVING the Krita stuff Shay’s experimenting with. Also… how often does this place get robbed?

Once again, we are on Patreon, although I confess, I’ve fallen behind on that as I’m currently without internet, so…Sorry about that. Love you all, and see you next week!


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Strategic Retreat, Paradigm Shift, and Reorganizing the Blogging Plan

Ever have an experience that forces you into a radical paradigm shift? You know, the type where you reckoned you had everything figured out, and you knew what worked, and then…

Life hit you on the way out the door?

As of five days ago, this blog launched with my post, Why Not To Wear Only A Bathrobe In Public. In that year, I’ve kept up the blog, turned it into a website, moved my first novel from the idea stage to the publication in less than a year stage, and started a webcomic. And then January 28th came along, and I moved to the great Internet Sahara.

Okay, not really the Internet Sahara. My father-in-law uses his mobile phone as an internet hotspot. No Wi-Fi in the house.

Want to know the weirdest part?

Once I got over withdrawal, I’m LOVING IT! Except the whole writer/comic author/blogger thing.

Because, you know, tough to be an author without home internet nowadays.

Or is it?

The Paradigm Shift

When I started this post, I still had internet access on my phone. However screen outage has taken any of its use to me. Also, our wonderful 1997 Buick, after driving from Utah to California heavily weighed down with all our earthly possessions, gave up the ghost after barely another fifty miles.

In other words, time for me to take a look at how I do things, and find a different path.

Plus, my previous blogging method was about the most disorganized, unsustainable, illogical, and frankly distracted ADHD “process” a blogger could possibly use. I mean really, find a topic and write a post, whether it fits a category or not?

That’s barely a tactic, and certainly not pursuing a worthy ideal.

Since I’m not the type to dust off my hands and give up, it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Crunch some numbers. Scrap what doesn’t work, sure, and then make something that does.

Find Your Tools


Lessons come in strange places. Dad took my husband and I to see the movie Hidden Figures. Beautiful movie. If you are a person with a strong desire to see something in society change, go see it.

Learn how these women changed history, and follow their example. Be the first.

That movie held another lesson, as well. Katherine Goble, one of the computers, spent her days double-checking the math for John Glenn’s manned orbit.

Problem was, the engineers were using modern, visual math. Getting him down from orbit with the math they had would kill Mr. Glenn. Miss Goble, later Mrs. Johnson, saw this.

And she remembered the Oiler’s Method. Old math with no pictures. Just numbers. It worked!

Well, blogging is a new method of writng. Get online everyday and scatter your thoughts to the digital wind. Sometimes that wind happens to be a tornado that bloggers like me get caught up in trying to keep track of my own work. I get stuck on the pictures and not the numbers.

With no internet, though, I had to figure out a different plan. Time to stop looking at picture math and go back to the numbers.

What happens when a database and a word processor have a baby? It’s called Scrivener. I’ve mentioned it a few times, and long ago when I first began my blog adventure, I started a project in the program for my blog, and…

I never used it.
That’s right.

I. Never. Used. What was right at my finger tips.

Have you ever done that? Ignored an incredible tool right in front of you because the “new, improved” shiny of the day seemed better?

But where does that leave the internet, you ask? Don’t I still need internet access?

Well, yes. However, most places will let you use theirs after you buy a drink. 😛

The Plan Moving Forward

As a database/word processing hybrid, Scrivener has the capability to give me a birds’ eye view of my blog and my direction with the blog. Thus, I spent probably two hours coming up with a brand new template that will let me keep track of that view.

Second, I’m actually going to be sticking to a schedule, and the days will be more predictable for you. Each weekday stays within a category. Tough to do when all you’ve got staring at you is a WordPress dashboard. Easy when you’ve got a color-coded blog dashboard that won’t let you forget.

Monday: Break The Path — Imagine a path through uncharted jungle. My life is much like this in ways, as is my writing. As such, I’ll go more in depth into these inner adventures. Some of the old Questioning Narratives will still appear, just far less often, and more writing related.

Tuesday: Success — I have plenty of “reasons” to fail. I’d rather discuss the effort I put into learning to succeed.

Wednesdays: Behind The Scenes — How do I build worlds? Why is there so much science in my fantasy? Why IS Cass’s hair purple? Such questions and many others answered on Wednesdays.

Thursdays: Mental & Physical Health — Art. Often we draw strong associations with addiciton, depression, and personal darkness. I’ve had my share, and I’m done living there. Welcome to my journey to Light.

Physical Health Fridays: Exercise, Gardening, Recipes — Keeping my physical health on task is a huge part of keeping my mental health in check. Fridays, we’ll focus on the best strategies I’ve found to do that. 😀

Saturdays: Dragon Hoard Books — Yes, my new joint project with illustrator Shay Nemrow will continue. We wouldn’t want to dissapoint, and leave you without our comics! As a note, some help on Patreon wouldn’t go amiss. 😀

So, have you ever had a moment in life where you got smacked with something absolutely out of control? Ever wanted things to be different but had to adapt anyway? How did you handle it? What did you do to cope? Share with me in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. (Remember, I can only respond about once a week.)

Dragon Hoard Books: Starting The Job

I hope Ace didn’t hear that comment. Argus must be either very brave or very stupid to call someone Ace’s size a lizard, even if he does look like one.

Side note: Yes, I, Raidon, am mostly without internet. This doesn’t mean you won’t get your comics. Shay and I are working to figure this out. If you have spare change you could drop in the Patreon, that would help, as part of the issue is paying for internet at the moment.

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Dragon Hoard Books: The Interview

Today’s issue is a bit different. When I sent Shay the script, well, turns out it ran long. Also, with two pages of comic, we’re halfway to lucky 13 on page count! So, bonus page.

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Cass. This manager? ‘makes a face’

Let’s just hope it’s the lighting. Remember, Dragon Hoard Books is on Patreon, and we’re getting more active. I’ll especially be getting more active now that I’ve finally settled into the new place a bit.

In the meantime, feel free to bug Shay about how they like the new art program they’re planning to unveil in a few weeks.


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