Aeon Timeline 2 Introduction

I’m fascinated by how much there is to learn about using computer programs. To that end, I’ve made it my side quest to show the wonders of a few programs and techniques I use to keep track of all the random stuff necessary to actually craft a world.

Among them is Aeon Timeline, an amazing software only 13 months old in its current incarnation. Which means no one has reached expert user level yet. After all, you need 10K hours of practice, and 10K hours have not yet passed since this software came to market.

Thus, I’m still learning, and I want to share as I go, because once you’ve got the hang of this tool, it may replace losing post-it notes for some of you. And so I present to you Aeon Timeline 2: Introduction or Everything You Want To Know BEFORE Getting Started.

TechMinion Mondays: Aeon Timeline 2

Well, after seven hours of intense frustration and relearning, I present to you the best (and only) timeline Minion I could find.

Aeon Timeline 2

He’s slick, quick, and ready and able to keep any project from a screen play, to a historical project, to a fictional world on track.  Yes, even a fictional world with ten days in a week, three weeks in a month, and thirteen months in a year.  Below, you’ll find Part 1 of the Basics on this bad boy.  It’s worth the 15 minutes.  Trust me.