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Dragon Hoard Books: So It Begins

Welcome to the beginning. If you like what you see, so far, follow the blog for more. And click one of those share buttons. Comics come out every Saturday. Unless you’re a Tier 2 Patreon Patron. Then you get them on Friday. 😉

Also, pardon the dust over the next few weeks while we find our stride.


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Dragon Hoard Books: The Application

I don’t know that I’d apply at this bookstore, but we’ll see where it goes, eh? In the meantime, if you missed the first issue, click below to check it out, or check Shay and me out on Patreon – especially our Patron-only Ask Me Anything today and monthly – to learn more about our goals for growing this comic into a genuine full-time endeavor!


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Dragon Hoard Books: Heading Home

Yesterday was tough for me, but that will, in no way, stop this comic from coming out on time every week. Don’t forget, we are on Patreon, so drop us some change if you can spare it. If not, share away, or comment and let us know what you like!


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Dragon Hoard Books: Dress Your Best

I guess even Elven parents comment on how their kids dress. But seriously, who compares job hunting to courtship?? A Core Elf, I guess.

Once again, thanks to our fantastic illustrator and favorite were-porcupine Shay Nemrow. Word is they’ve found a new art software, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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Dragon Hoard Books: A New Job?

Does anyone else feel this way when the alarm goes off? Hey, at least Cass gets some good news immediately!

And Shay’s now used to GIMP just in time for two or three more issues before switching to Krita. We’ll see what happens. I’m excited!


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Dragon Hoard Books: The Interview

Today’s issue is a bit different. When I sent Shay the script, well, turns out it ran long. Also, with two pages of comic, we’re halfway to lucky 13 on page count! So, bonus page.

I don’t know about you, but I agree with Cass. This manager? ‘makes a face’

Let’s just hope it’s the lighting. Remember, Dragon Hoard Books is on Patreon, and we’re getting more active. I’ll especially be getting more active now that I’ve finally settled into the new place a bit.

In the meantime, feel free to bug Shay about how they like the new art program they’re planning to unveil in a few weeks.


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Dragon Hoard Books: Starting The Job

I hope Ace didn’t hear that comment. Argus must be either very brave or very stupid to call someone Ace’s size a lizard, even if he does look like one.

Side note: Yes, I, Raidon, am mostly without internet. This doesn’t mean you won’t get your comics. Shay and I are working to figure this out. If you have spare change you could drop in the Patreon, that would help, as part of the issue is paying for internet at the moment.

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Dragon Hoard Books: Not Your Average Work Day

There are a couple of things you need to know about this issue: Firstly, this issue was drawn with a different art program, and one that I’ve only just begun to use, so this one may be slightly better quality, but as things go forward it’ll most likely get better! Secondly, if you thought that the workday couldn’t get any more boring, you’re about to wish it would be.

Raidon here. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m LOVING the Krita stuff Shay’s experimenting with. Also… how often does this place get robbed?

Once again, we are on Patreon, although I confess, I’ve fallen behind on that as I’m currently without internet, so…Sorry about that. Love you all, and see you next week!


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Dragon Hoard Books: Clash of Blades…Almost

I wouldn’t stick around for this job. That’s just me, though.

Shay’s done an EXCELLENT job with the illustrations, and they just keep getting better.

Cass, well done not getting TOO cut up. Though I’m not convinced this thief is that skilled.

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Dragon Hoard Books: Taking Out The Trash

Props, Cass. We’ll see how long you last.

In other news, I’m typing this on my phone, so Raidon out.


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