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Borderline: The Emptiness Behind the Pain

Nothing. Empty. I’d say soul crushing but I’d have to have a soul for that. That’s with borderline personality disorder feels like. Every day, I face a self that doesn’t exist. That’s not entirely...


The Princess In The Tower

You know the story of the Princess in the tower? Well, that story is complete bull. Yeah, I know, I sound harsh, but here’s the problem with every one of those stories. The prince...


Lost Girl

WordPress is getting a new editor, and I’m getting a new outlook on life. I’m not sure the second is a good thing. See, somehow I need to dig out the person that is...


The Chameleon Called Borderline

Perhaps one of the stranger things I recall saying to a friend is a concept that struck last Saturday while we went shopping. I can remember things now. I don’t have to pass as...


Rose Thorns & Realizations

So simple to get caught in the net of bad stuff. Oh, no, some horrible thing on the news! Our political framework is collapsing around us! Tyrants and terrorists everywhere! Quick question. How tired...