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Your Life Is Not An Adventure 2

Your Life Is Not An Adventure

I’ve got my Bengal Spice morning tea beside me, breakfast in the microwave, and a serious bone to pick with the idea of life as adventure. So let’s dive into some #realtalk about life...


Borderline: The Emptiness Behind the Pain

Nothing. Empty. I’d say soul crushing but I’d have to have a soul for that. That’s with borderline personality disorder feels like. Every day, I face a self that doesn’t exist. That’s not entirely...


The Princess In The Tower

You know the story of the Princess in the tower? Well, that story is complete bull. Yeah, I know, I sound harsh, but here’s the problem with every one of those stories. The prince...


Lost Girl

WordPress is getting a new editor, and I’m getting a new outlook on life. I’m not sure the second is a good thing. See, somehow I need to dig out the person that is...


The Chameleon Called Borderline

Perhaps one of the stranger things I recall saying to a friend is a concept that struck last Saturday while we went shopping. I can remember things now. I don’t have to pass as...