Walking the Borderline to Self-Mastery: The Beginning and the Role of the MVP

“She could do so much better if she would only apply herself.” That, in a sentence, is the story of my childhood. The issue was, I was applying myself. To all the things that wouldn’t serve me in the end. See, I applied myself to being all things to all people. All. The. Time. So… Read More »Walking the Borderline to Self-Mastery: The Beginning and the Role of the MVP

Villains: The Real Issues

Let’s talk about villains. I’m not talking about the Empire. I’m talking about Darth Vader. Because the Empire wasn’t the real bad guy in Star Wars. They were just window dressing for the real thing. Vader. A very bad man with a seed of good in him. A conflict we can all relate to. The… Read More »Villains: The Real Issues

Why I Gave Up

I gave up yesterday. I consider it a good thing. For the last two years I’ve been in a case for disability benefits. I filed in Utah while still married. We moved to California and I continued the case, changing doctors to find one that might help my case. Looking for a lawyer after being… Read More »Why I Gave Up

woman staring down foggy, tree-lined road

One More Day, One More Pill

I just swallowed three more pills. One mood stabilizer, one atypical anti-psychotic used as a sleep aid, and one anti-seizure medication also used for preventing chronic migraines. The last one I take morning and night. That one only started a month ago. A month before that, I added an anti-depressant to the mix. I also… Read More »One More Day, One More Pill