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“The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.” — Thomas Carlyle

Raidon T. Phoenix scribbled in the margins of school notebooks as a child. Now she scribbles new stories in the margins of old drafts. Tales of hope, redemption, warriors of the heart, and the grit it takes to earn the title of Phoenix. It’s the nature of life for plans to go awry and curve-balls to shatter expectations and identity. Raidon faced the choice to let those shattered expectations destroy her sense of direction, or become a whole new person. Through it all, she wandered the worlds of imagination through writing and table-top role-playing games.

These worlds of imagination brought comfort and shelter from the tempests of change and tragedy swirling around her young life and her life today. They also sewed the seeds of an idea. In the fertile soil of a mind scattered through the multiverse, these seeds sprouted. In high school, a young, new teacher encouraged those tiny, slender sprouts, letting Raidon write outside the bounds of assignments, her imagination running wild to bring bits of the stars to life as journalistic works.

In time, the seedling ideas twined together and Vermillion was born. Now, Raidon’s stories take place in a world where dark and light, chaos and order, objectivity and morality find harmony through opposition, where lives collide and people change for the better. The principles of science apply to an advanced fantasy world where magic and technology can work hand in hand. Where people are people no matter how pointed their ears. After all, we’re all tiny people doing our best on a small living planet in a vast, incomprehensible universe.