“The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.” — Thomas Carlyle

It gets even better when that likeness is an actual likeness. Which is exactly what happens when you pair up an author and an artist. Meet the author and artist responsible for the Saturday webcomic Dragon Hoard Books! Also, don’t forget, we are on Patreon.

The Author

Raidon T. Phoenix is not your average storyteller. He’s a Drow Bard with a myriad of tales, because he couldn’t be the Goblin King. As a young lad, he spent his days pretending to be a normal Human girl, wearing dresses and braiding his hair before bed. When his parents split, he started hunting for reasons. High school brought the realization that maybe he wasn’t Human, or normal, and he took up the study of fantasy and magic – not to be confused with Magyk, of course.

After that, he journeyed to college, still pretending to be a regular Woman, though it really was exhausting. He met some friends, some not friends, and spent the last semester before graduation helping one of those friends do the impossible. Wheel chair? Check. Spina bifida? Check. Disbelieving specialists, and one other crazy friend? Check and check. One year later, the incredible Jenny Ulrich walked across the stage to claim her own Diploma. Once that best day ever ended, Raidon took up a quest across the country.

Now, fully understanding he’s the result of a mad night between a Drow and a Phoenix in disguise, Raidon spends his days working to help others heal through massage therapy (or will as soon as he’s licensed), and the remaining hours that Humans normally sleep writing, eating, and fretting over the madness his bard’s imagination sends the world’s way. If you don’t believe in magic or technology, and especially don’t believe they belong with rock and roll, please don’t read his books. Thanks!

The Artist

Shay Nemrow is living proof that you should never laugh at a clairvoyant were-porcupine. They’ll prove you wrong every time. After winning $50 at age ten in an art contest, Shay went on to successfully predict the deaths of both Harry Potter and Dumbledore after reading the Order of the Phoenix. Speaking of Phoenix, that’s a large part of their latest illustration adventure. More on that in a moment.

Before this latest adventure, they spent thirteen months monkeying around at a primate sanctuary in Oklahoma, wishing the whole time that art was their full time job. Unfortunately, monkeys don’t make good story concepts, and don’t have great Hollywood connections either, so the concept art would just have to wait. After all, in the words of the great Buckaroo Banzai, “No matter where you go, there you are.”

Specifically, a chance encounter with a mad Drow Phoenix once again excited the Shay’s creative drive with a portrait commission. Their love for fantasy, science fiction, and plot-driven little guys led to a strange sort of telepathy. Now, many sarcastic, paradoxical conversations later, somehow Shay’s teamed up with that Phoenix to bring the world Dragon Hoard Books, a brand new webcomic!