Dragon Hoard Books: The Webcomic! When, How, and Why.

How to start a webcomic in three simple steps.

Step 1: Be a writer.

Step 2: Find an artist.

Step 3: Realize you have no clue what you’re doing, and go for it.

That about sums up the last month of why I’ve been (sadly) neglecting this blog.  That and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get enough calories while eating mostly vegetables. Which involves feeling like you’re eating a lot more, and ending the day a lot more satisfied, actually. Is good.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah, webcomic.

Most of you know, I’m a writer. Even if I was just blogging, that’s still writing. However, I’ve also had this idea simmering for somewhere around…wait for it…a decade. Yes, a decade.

So Why Not Write The Novel?

I am. As we speak, I’ve got a 48K draft in development. However, I’m not a wizard, and building a world I’d be happy reading about has proved quite the task. I could write probably a month of posts about world-building by itself. In fact, I’m that odd wonder that likes realistically set planets with fantasy included ON them.

I freely admit, Star Wars had a lot to do with this, though I’m not certain how realistic many of those planets were. Sue me, I was maybe 10 when I saw A New Hope.

Anyway, like all mega-projects, it started small. Really, really small. In fact, it started with a single question.

What would happen if you put a drow and a high elf in a rock band together?

That was it. The beginning of ten years of furious scribbling, random role-play to figure out dialogue, and my family and friends putting up with a whole lot of shenanigans. Until Jan 2016, I was still a hobbyist, though, and as much as I loved writing, the idea of FINISHING the book? Of baring my soul and my work and my art for the world?

Then January 2016 happened. I wouldn’t call it a New Years’ Resolution. That’s not accurate. I just realized that I was tired of waiting to have enough time/energy/money, tired of listening to everyone who said it couldn’t be done.

I invested $15 in my career. Oh, I’d bought craft books, and 90 Days to Your Novel, and things like that. Never finished them. Rise of the Machines – Human Authors in a Digital World was the terrifying one. This one was about the dreaded five-letter word. My BRAND.

I never looked back.

And the Dragon Hoard Books Webcomic?

World-building, as I said, takes a lot. Especially when you start FROM SCRATCH. There’s the prehistory, ancient times, modern times, etc. And then there’s the cities and all that other stuff.

Enter a little bookstore featured a few times in the novels.

I wrote a few flash fiction pieces a while back, intending to turn it into a series.

But then I didn’t, and I read somewhere posts with images do better than without, and thus the cycle of doubt started. Though then the doubt became productive. I reread them.

I had no access to art that could encapsulate Vermillion.

But I knew an artist.

I knew that artist could be trusted with my writing.

Flash fiction was short enough to write a comic script.

The only questions now were: could I write a script and would the artist want in?

The answers were yes, and yes. And so, on 31 December 2016, Dragon Hoard Books, the webcomic, goes live here on this blog, and also on Patreon. Don’t get me wrong, I like blogging, but I LOVE my fiction.

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